Redefining Heritage, Rethinking Legacy

“What would people think and say about you at your funeral? What would be your legacy?”


Wrapping up #Chinese Silk Route

With a new understanding about #SilkRoute, I’m looking forward to return to Indonesia.


Be grateful

His name was Li. I was sure he had a full name but he refused to mention it. As a deliveryman wearing Santa costume, his SoP required him to smile to people. Surprisingly, he said to my guide, “I hate this job. I don’t celebrate Christmas but I make money …


History is made by mixing facts and interests

Today, I met Alibek Yeginbay, a historian born and grown up in Kazakhstan but has called Xi’an home for five years. Like me, he’s one of the doubters that Marco Polo actually took the trip as mentioned in the traveler’s book, The Travels of Marco Polo. Polo’s description of ancient …