Redefining Heritage, Rethinking Legacy

“What would people think and say about you at your funeral? What would be your legacy?”


A rewarding trip. My version.

I consider myself lucky as I could share my life and my time with those people with whom I could be vulnerable and grow together. This trip gave me ways to proof and live it.


Walking, meditate on the move

With all the body senses required, walking is an active, focused and concentrated action. Waking is, to me, meditative.


Traveling is Not Cheap? Think Again.

So yes, traveling is not (financially) cheap, especially if you take yourself as a trader. But if you treat your travel as an investment, the life-changing experience is a return that is immeasurable to any currencies in the world.


Battling the Other Side of Tourism: Commercialism

A once very traditional and self-supported community, Sasak people today strive against the impact of tourism: commercialism.