Do You – Really – Live Your Life as A Local?

When we embrace this kind of ‘local’, it doesn’t matter what accent people speak, as long as they communicate seamlessly. It doesn’t matter who eats what for lunch, as long as they can share their dining table. It doesn’t matter who enters or leaves, as long as the community maintains, shapes and keeps redefining their locals.


All the way to your limit, Endro!

Sometimes, what you think as your “limit” is just how far you can challenge yourself and take the risk. If you fail, you might have reached your limit; if not, you could probably go further. Often times, it is not even a “limit” to yourself.


Bersahabat dengan Keremangan di Taman Nasional Gunung Mulu

Alkisah berpuluhjuta tahun yang lalu, perut bumi Borneo bergolak menciptakan beratus rongga, beribu ceruk dan berjuta lekukan, lipatan dan patahan. Kini Anda dapat menikmatinya dalam bentuk jadi yang jauh lebih indah dibandingkan proses terbentuknya yang sangat rumit.