Redefining Heritage, Rethinking Legacy

“What would people think and say about you at your funeral? What would be your legacy?”


Do You – Really – Live Your Life as A Local?

When we embrace this kind of ‘local’, it doesn’t matter what accent people speak, as long as they communicate seamlessly. It doesn’t matter who eats what for lunch, as long as they can share their dining table. It doesn’t matter who enters or leaves, as long as the community maintains, shapes and keeps redefining their locals.


Fishes Know No Politics or Religions

Somehow, I didn’t care about the menu mistakes, the #meh coffee and all the tiring talks about religions and politics in this trip, but that LOL with a stranger perfectly ended my trip to Kei Islands.

Group Process Facilitation

Teaching is a calling

I am not sure if these students at UI came out learning anything from me. But I am confident that teaching – challenging, guiding and facilitating – others for their own self discoveries is high in my list.

Group Process Facilitation

The (realists) answer to chronic problems

From this two day visit to SNI Indramayu, I learned that the realistic answer to acute problems might be to move to other, more meaningful and solvable problems.


Not A Charity, But An Opportunity

Opportunity. That is what persons with disabilities wanted. Unfortunately, due to lack of common understanding, they received more symphaty then what they need.


Ulurkan Tanganmu, Bukan (Hanya) Dompetmu

Kesempatan. Itulah yang dituntut oleh teman-teman penyandang disabilitas. Sayangnya, karena kekurangpahaman, rasa kasihan lah yang malah sering menghampiri mereka.