Traveling the Unknown

Very few – if any – people like to travel without itinerary, in uncertainty.


Journey to the Lesser Known: The Silk Route #1 – China

Journey to anew is always exciting as much as frightening. But, as you remember the Emperor’s last message to you, “Everyone can wander, but very few travels with a purpose.”


Wrapping up #Chinese Silk Route

With a new understanding about #SilkRoute, I’m looking forward to return to Indonesia.


798 Art Zone of Beijing

The air of creativity here was ‘polite, orderly and predicted.’ It was not bad, in fact, it reflected China a lot.


Winter wonderland at Urumqi

Winter wonder(slippery)land. Urumqi City from above. Cold.


The old city of Kashgar

Having studied civil engineering, it was an embarrassing moment when I could not explain what were the gutters along the sloping walls for to my guide.


Palav equals to happiness, it tastes best when shared

“Palav equals to happiness, it tastes best when shared.” Kashgar, especially the food, has given me many surprises. In its busy Grand Bazaar, I found many street vendors selling different kind of food with origins that were, given their intertwined cultures, difficult to trace. Palav, sometimes called pollo, pulau or …


The story of bagels

“In the end, it’s the similarities – not differences – that we celebrate together.” When in New York, I couldn’t understand why NYer were so crazy about bagels. Here, in Kashgar, I see people as – if not more – crazy to bagels as those in the Big Apple. But …


One has not been in Xinjiang unless reaching Kashi

“Romanticism is better felt with old buildings; unlike human, they stay the same.” Finally, one of the destinations that I always wanted to be in: the old city of Kashgar in Xinjiang. Being the farthest Chinese town from the capital, Beijing, it also moved further away from the Chinese culture …


Happy New Year from Urumqi

Snow, cold and slippery road have sent me to one of the most unexpected experience in traveling: going to hospital. Worst, I didn’t speak Mandarin or Uyghur and I forgot my translator in my phone. But the show (read: travel) must go on. Happy New Year from Urumqi, China.