Being a minority

Like a bird born in cage believing that flying is bad, a person born and grew up with given idea will believe that it is the only true idea. Traveling to places where I became part of its minority challenged me to re-question and redefine what constitutes to true and ‘truth.’


Walking, meditate on the move

With all the body senses required, walking is an active, focused and concentrated action. Waking is, to me, meditative.


Happiness is only real when shared

Happiness is only real when shared.


You can be your real (and only) self when traveling solo

One of the reasons I enjoyed traveling solo is to meet strangers. Not only to learn about their life but also to re-learn about mine.


My kind of travel is simple

My kind of travel is simple: coffee, books, local cafe and heart-to-heart conversation with the person in front of me.


The Guru

My guru is nobody or nothing. My guru is everybody and everything. I am my guru and my disciple.


Wet Your Dry Soul in Shiraz

“My religion says it is important to have as many followers as possible and it is one of my duty to make sure it happens but, with you, it is more important to have a friend who will help me find the truth.” Seyyed Hamed. I came to Iran with …


The best place to fall in love is wherever you go traveling

A dear friend of mine told me to go traveling and fall in love. Later, I found her suggestion was logically appropriate, if not correct. You see, for something highly emotional, like falling in love, I found the logical explanation when I was in Luang Prabang, Laos and Morotai, Indonesia. …


The Day Voltaire(s) Meet in Luang Prabang

“Friendship is the marriage of souls, and this marriage is subject to divorce.” Today, I finally purchased my return ticket to Indonesia. After spending some time with my new monk friends in their Wat Mai monastery, the question why I picked Luang Prabang and purchased a one-way ticket for this …


Detachment and Non-attachment

Two weeks ago, right before I started the trip to Luang Prabang, I finally completed my non-attachment class with a note from my teacher saying, “you have a lot of homework to catch up!” Oh well, just like other graduations, diploma or certifications, it introduced me to more responsibilities. One …