I found you

I never thought I would have them all again, even in dreams. Now I do.


Indonesia. (In)complete.

Twenty four hours was not enough to explore the City of Bengkulu, let alone the province. But twenty four hours was enough for me to say that I was inspired by a mix of worry, quirkiness, gratefulness, hatred, pride and acceptance. Life feels more present with a mix of these feelings; I felt alive too.


How could devotion turn bad?

Personally, I yearned to be devoted to a person. I fould it beautiful to have all worries and tiredness lifted up knowing I would return home to meet someone I devoted my life to. But I couldn’t lie.


Are you really sharing or judging?

Recently, I promised myself to hold my judgments when talking to others at least until I have to or they ask me to. I decided that active listening is paraphrasing not summarizing, it’s mirroring, not leading, and it’s clarifying, not judging. That promise was put on test yesterday.


Meet Another … by Meeting Yourself

The more I can befriend my own joy, my own happiness, my own strength, my own power, my own potential, the more I can celebrate another’s power without jealousy, without comparison, without making myself “less than” or “more than”.

Group Process Facilitation

Masih (ingin) berkarya

Bersyukur di ujung usia ini masih diberi kesempatan berkarya bersama orang-orang hebat ini. Hey malaikat, saya masih (ingin) berkarya.


Traveling the Unknown

Very few – if any – people like to travel without itinerary, in uncertainty.


Hitam, Putih dan Abu-Abu

Kalau di dunia yang bebas penuh warna saja kita sudah mengajarkan otak untuk malas berpikir, bukankan kita sama saja dengan mereka yang terbujur kaku di dalam peti mati?


When two souls opened up

As two souls opened up themselves, you’ll never know the strong connections that both can build.


Thank you 2017!

You gave me lessons to be happy with and continue life what I had; in this case, this carry on and backpack and the basic stuffs inside.