Traveling the Unknown

Very few – if any – people like to travel without itinerary, in uncertainty.


Hitam, Putih dan Abu-Abu

Kalau di dunia yang bebas penuh warna saja kita sudah mengajarkan otak untuk malas berpikir, bukankan kita sama saja dengan mereka yang terbujur kaku di dalam peti mati?

Group Process Facilitation

How to create engaging knowledge sharing sessions?

As part of my giving back to facilitator community, I am developing a learning program on professional facilitation.


Journey to the Lesser Known: The Silk Route #1 – China

Journey to anew is always exciting as much as frightening. But, as you remember the Emperor’s last message to you, “Everyone can wander, but very few travels with a purpose.”


When two souls opened up

As two souls opened up themselves, you’ll never know the strong connections that both can build.

Group Process Facilitation

Going extra miles

“Saya berhenti mencari orang yang passionate; saya sekarang mencari orang yang berperilaku going to extra miles.”


Thank you 2017!

You gave me lessons to be happy with and continue life what I had; in this case, this carry on and backpack and the basic stuffs inside.


Wrapping up #Chinese Silk Route

With a new understanding about #SilkRoute, I’m looking forward to return to Indonesia.


798 Art Zone of Beijing

The air of creativity here was ‘polite, orderly and predicted.’ It was not bad, in fact, it reflected China a lot.


Winter wonderland at Urumqi

Winter wonder(slippery)land. Urumqi City from above. Cold.