I am

  • an engineer by study
  • a promoter by nature
  • a traveler by passion
  • a facilitator by profession
  • an acute optimist above all

I do

Download: Resume | Portfolio | (last updated: 30 June 2011)

Now, the bla bla part…

Sunset from the room where my late father was hospitalizedMy late father was a keen believer that what we used to call “big” problem was actually a combination of several intertwined smaller problems; either exclusive or inclusive. The key for solutions, he told me, was to, first, detach the smaller problems and work on each one of them.

Similarly, I see problems as an interesting mix of complexity, mess and chaos. Sometimes, problems are merely uncovered opportunities and the key for solutions is to actually observe it really carefully.

Team Management Profile - Endro Catur Few years ago, a team of management consultants concluded me – through series of long questionnaires – as a person who:

  • is motivated largely by ideas and opportunities to achieve something new,
  • likes to develop new – and better – schemes (or ways of work),
  • is easily fascinated by opportunities and possibilities,
  • is enthusiastic to organize, particularly of projects,
  • enjoys producing order from ambiguity.

I infused a sense of order in possibly everything I do: easily understood yet complex spreadsheets, logically-flowed presentations with messy animations, data-driven multimedia served as reporting tool, systematically organized documents and files.

Some of my colleagues at the project site of Gas Transmission and Distribution ProjectMy experience working at Tripatra-Gulf Consortium as an Information System Administrator in a very complex project – eighteen contractors submitting report at the same time – has paved my career to creating order. It is becoming truer when I joined the British Council as Information Officer and, now, Project Officer.

My ugly sketches but hardly fail to be understoodUnlike what some colleagues admitted, I don’t see my self as creative. I work with creative people to get the most for our clients. I do draw and sketch, yes. However, they’re largely not for aesthetical purpose, instead, to ensure problems are clearly observed and solutions are properly described.

Team Management Profile - Endro - Assessor DeveloperBeing an assessor-developer, I am very much interested to take part in a messy, chaotic and complex situations that demand me to observe, identify and propose solutions without being the spotlight of the show itself.

From chaos to order…

Where to find me?
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aku mampir ya…
waaw…whatta interesting blog…may i add your blog to my blogroll? thx alot…enjoy the happy travelling…may you discover more and more excitement it it… take care ^_^

Hola, trims ya… I’ll add yours to my blogroll as well… I will discover, promise, cross my finger… and will then share with you all…

Hi salam kenal, blog-nya bagus! Khususnya yang tentang travelling. 🙂 Saya tahu blog ini dari indobackpacker. Tertarik untuk tukeran link? Ngmg2 saya lagi ngumpulin travel blog Indonesia, hehehe ceritanya supaya gampang cari2 info sesama travel blogger… 🙂 Tks sebelumnya ya. Cheers!

halo. tentu saja. saya sdg travelling keliling ntt sd juni, nsnti awal juli saya kontak lg ya.




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