Here it goes
Here it goes

On traveling…

Traveling, for me, is learning, discovering something through the eyes of local people and mine. So when I travel, especially when I travel alone, my goal is not (only) to be in the destination but to meet, engage and connect with the people (both local people and other travelers) to learn their history, culture, and even daily life.

When I’m traveling, I try to read a lot about the destination and the people I’m going to visit only to give sufficient context and let the balls rolling by itself. That says, I prefer to listen to what local people say about what to do, where to go, where to eat etc.

I’m (trying to be) a patient listener and am usually excited with personal and meaningful stories.


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On working…

I am interested to help organizations and communities building their capacity through nurturing sharing and learning behavior and developing appropriate knowledge management system.

In organizations, I viewed sharing and learning culture, supported by appropriate knowledge management system, as part of continuous organizational development and effectiveness. I also found observing, facilitating and helping communities to upscale their knowledge assets into knowledge products as a rewarding investment.

I am keen to work with or for organizations and communities who believe in and consistently promote “the power of WE.”


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