Lesson #5: “Living abundantly is not living lavishly. It starts with less-worrying days. It is led by courageously saying ‘enough’ to self and others. And it is ended by appreciating the Universe for whatever is left on the table.” 

The year 2021 taught me about how to worry. And I did really well #nopunintended 

Worrying 2021

A typical, yet lavish, lunch in Banda. I found this was more than abundant. Yet, this didn’t meet my health needs. So I said to this kind of meal, “enough.”

I envied what others have achieved and tried to achieve the same. Until I found out they were not the achievement I was intended to have. 

I looked up at what was possible and ideal and tried to push life towards it. Until I found out they were too good to be true; hence, not true. 

I walked the path that other successful people have walked through. Until I found out no walks are the same for everyone.

I tried too hard to take care of people. Until I found out they didn’t need me. At the same time, I also realized there (must be) others who needed me more

Before I found those out, my year was filled with worries. I worried too much that I forgot to worry about what I HAD to worry about: how to die well.  

Abundant 2022

Entering the last quarter of 2021, I decided to say, “It’s enough!” 

A morning started with reflective minutes and an outdoor run was necessary and made me feel more abundant.

I decided not to worry about others’ achievements, paths to success, or ideals. My biggest decision: I decided not to worry about others were not worry about themselves. 

I decided that I would only help those who helped themselves first. 

I decided to make my own ideals, paths to success, and achievements. 

I decided that living my fifth bonus year should make me feel more abundant, not poor. And if anyone or anything makes me feel poor, it’s a sign that I have made wrong decisions. 

I decided that 2022 is about living abundantly; not for owning, taking, or even giving many; but it’s about knowing when to say, “This is enough and I’m fine, thanks.”