A friend of mine came out to me that he was straight.

“But why? I always knew you were straight,” was my first response.

After a deep conversation – sprinkled with anger, tears and cringe moments – it seemed that coming out was natural in everyone’s journey of searching, seeking and discovering.

Thanks to this dear friend, I came out myself that day.

I told him how I found God more and more in what people – including me – do when they do it for the sake of kindness and humanity.

And I decided that I want to focus on these, instead of following sets of rules that are not universally accepted, may clash with one another and have a risk moving me away from kindness and humanity.

I came out to him that I believe in God. Period.

Surprisingly, my friend asked me the same question.

“You were always more spiritual than me, why you need to do this now?”

Confusion and Curiosity

Looking back, I have always been a confused and curious boy.

“Why our neighbor presented himself as male during the day and female in the evening?”

“How could someone recited holy scriptures last night and steal the next day?”

“How two people kill each other to defend one similar entitiy: God?”

I was always confused perceiving those alternative facts that sadly others – including my parents – tended to shush.

Silence has led me to become a curious ape on many things including, and mostly, sexuality and spirituality.

While I seemed to settle on the previous, the latter has seen my adult life to years of searching, seeking and discovering.

I randomly learned religious scripts, visiting holy sites and meeting gurus. I joined classes, debated in sessions and practiced rituals sporadically.

I started to find that God was too magnificent to be contained in any one set of rules that I, we, called religion.

I started to believe that science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. The lack of explanation on one leads to the other.

While I respect others’ choice – or upbringings, such as myself – on religious belief and practices, I came out so that others could pay the same respect to me: the non religious believers.

What’s Next?

I believe in God. I am keen to know how you believe in yours.

I believe in God. I’m curious about how you live up your beliefs in daily life.

I don’t believe in religions. And this makes me even more curious about them.

Will you teach me?