How would you respond when a person you need to work with told you this? What if that person is your boss?

I trust my life to my dive guide because: he’s certified, experienced and referred by people that matters. How can you get these modalities to earn you trust?

Don’t get me wrong. Those who are competent and experienced earn trust from their credentials. What about the incompetents or less experienced?

I’ve been an advocate of trust for ever since I had to work with many incompetents and less experienced. That’s almost my entire professional years.

My approach to trusting these souls has always been the same: to give trust as much as I could risk for them to learn, perform and, of course, make mistakes.

Have I always been successful giving trust to these incompetents? Few. But mostly, they were efforts that were a waste of time.

The business of giving trust

Looking back, why I entered the risky journey of giving trust to these less competent?


  1. I believe in ideals, visions even dreams. Most of my dreams require people – a team, at least – to work together. I don’t give trust because I’m a nice person. Trust from me is a resource required by my team to achieve these goals.
  2. I believe in the potentials of others. I was born zero. Ever since I could perceive the world, it was my opportunity to learn. But waiting for the world to present opportunities is not the quickest journey to learn. Whenever possible, I present these opportunities to others. Again, not because I’m nice, but because I’ve been in similar situations.

What it means to earn my trust?

When I trusted you, remember:

  1. Know your whys, understand your commitments and work towards delivering outputs. The trust you are given with is not a trophy for you to boast around, nor  feel accomplished for. It’s a resource you need to achieve our collective goals.
  2. You are not to please me. Instead, deliver your commitments, achieve your outputs, learn fast and never repeat the same mistakes. You may be less experienced, but you have an option to NOT being stupid.

Now, will I ever give trust to those I considered less trustable? Yes, selectively.

Unless your credentials and experience earn you my trust, get used to hear me saying, “I don’t trust you.”

Until you get there, you can – and need to – proof that you are worth to receive my trust.