I found you

I’ve never seen you smiling – laughing – so effortlessly. Now I do.

I’ve never felt your skin glowing and so smooth against mine. Now I do.

I’ve never realized how strong your shoulders, cheeks and chests bones were. Now I do.

I’ve never look at you in the eyes so passionately. Now I do.

I’ve never know how much I sometimes need your warm and comforting hugs. Now I do.

I’ve never felt your presence this close, and meaningful. Now I do.

I never thought I would have them all again, even in dreams. Now I do.

I found you.


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Indonesia. (In)complete.

Twenty four hours was not enough to explore the City of Bengkulu, let alone the province. But twenty four hours was enough for me to say that I was inspired by a mix of worry, quirkiness, gratefulness, hatred, pride and acceptance. Life feels more present with a mix of these feelings; I felt alive too.

How could devotion turn bad?

Personally, I yearned to be devoted to a person. I fould it beautiful to have all worries and tiredness lifted up knowing I would return home to meet someone I devoted my life to. But I couldn’t lie.

Are you really sharing or judging?

Recently, I promised myself to hold my judgments when talking to others at least until I have to or they ask me to. I decided that active listening is paraphrasing not summarizing, it’s mirroring, not leading, and it’s clarifying, not judging. That promise was put on test yesterday.