When two souls opened up


“You’ve changed a lot.”

A good old friend claimed that I was a totally different person than three years ago, the last time we met. Two days ago, as we sat on wooden floor of a healing center clinic, we listed changes we perceived in us. Beyond physical and superficial lists, we realized some very fundamental things have changed – or not changed – in us.

The way we view jobs and careers.

The way we view relationships.

The way we view god, faiths and beliefs.

The way we view the world.

The way we view ourselves.

While he changed a lot in physical – more attractive, head to toe branded attire, overwhelmingly A-list networks and so on – he claimed he needed “changes from the inside.” Superficial changes, as he realized, could turn life becoming less meaningful sometimes that social media postings asking “Why?” is such a big turn off for him.

The answer? “Forget it and move on; although it may feel like moving on aimlessly,” he smiled bitterly.

The ayurveda session that I gave to him that Sunday morning was originally to define his prakruti – basic constitution about mind and body – but as two souls opened up themselves, you’ll never know the strong connections that both can build.

Thanks for letting me share your story here, yes you 😉

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