Thank you 2017!


Thank you 2017. It’s been an amazing transformative year!

Carry on and back pack, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 2, Malaysia

You taught me how to not being attached to less essential and less meaningful goals, people, relationships, works and possessions.

You showed me how to let go with less-functional beliefs and led me the ways to return to the basics in engaging humans: humanity.

You gave me the courage to commit on consuming more foods and objects sourced in a less-cruel way and not harming (let alone killing) animals and immediately punished me whenever I did so.

You gave me the big and bold four-zero!

You took me away from families, friends and acquaintances to whom I have proven unable to contribute; no matter how close and dear to the heart they were.

You brought me opportunities to visit new places, meet interesting people, learn new cultures and reshape my understanding about the world.

You gave me lessons to be happy and continue life with what I had; in this case, this carry on and backpack and the basic stuffs they contain.

You took me to 2018; a year which some wouldn’t even believe that I could ever see.

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