There’s always the first time of everything


The Yellow River, emerging from Kunlun Mountain and ended in Pacific Ocean was central to ancient Chinese culture. The river halved the City of Lanzhou, a significant communication centre along the ancient Silk Road route.

According to archeological findings, soldiers, envoys, merchants, monks and poets who travelled along the ancient Silk Road normally started from Chang’an (present-day Xi’an) and went westward to their first big stop – Lanzhou – for provisions and continued their journey further west.

Frozen Yellow River

Today, after Xi’an, following those merchants, I made a big stop at Lanzhou with some of my firsts: the first time I saw frozen water, the first time I got frost bite, the first time I’ve ‘enjoyed’ a thin layer or blazer and tshirt in the midst of -4°C at 2PM.

There’s always the first time of everything.

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