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Kochi, India, 25 August 2017

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Home Was Not As It Used To Be

I didn’t plan traveling – except for work – to any parts of Indonesia this year. Somehow, I decided to buy ticket to Ambon with no specific plan other than marking my ten years of diving. The dives were okay, but I spent the rest of the holiday as a …

“So, you want to experience death?”

I recently told this to myself whenever I put my wetsuit on or had my goggles dipped in the water. It was funny, though. The one place that I feel home and at the same time terrified the most is water. Even when swimming in a pool filled with people …

Will A Scar (Ever) Hide the Wound Beneath?

At the end of October 2017, I felt the urge to return to Maluku, specifically Ambon and Banda Neira. I couldn’t tell myself why, but it seemed that something drove me to be in those places and see. Just see. And I did. Meeting schedule in Jakarta limited me from …