Thank you for reminding me what nationalism is about

Amir Chakmagh Square, Yazd, Iran

So I met an Iranian PhD in history today. An interesting discussion for food of your thought. This person, of course, did not represent the whole Iranians. And what’s better is for us, Indonesian, to learn from this  )

Him: “Don’t you hate Dutch people? They killed many of your people, take away your resources and so on.”

Me: “I hate what the Dutch people in the past did to our people. But today? No, I don’t hate them. I’m sure many of them don’t agree with their ancestors did in the past.”

Him: “But you should. They have created scars in your past.”

Me: “You can see it as scars. But I see it as a learning point. You see, we – at least I – live in today, not the past. I would hate if we – Indonesians – don’t learn from the past. If you still hate those nations – the Arabs, Afghans, Pakistan, and Americans especially – who occupied Iran in the past, it’s your right. I just want you to realize this: if you still live in the past, you will not wear that sunglasses with US brand, no?”

When saying goodbye, I thanked him for reminding me what nationalism is about. IS, not WAS 🙂

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