Welcome to Iran

Carpet at Masoud’s place

“The winner is one who losses for seven (people) and stands for the eighth (person)” Masoud.

Arriving at this country with a mixed feeling. It’s hard to tell whether Iranian people actually made up the country; one thing my host, Masoud, said to me, “We make and are proud of the nation, but the country and the government is something we keep for ourselves.”

Masoud, a Chief Technology Officer for a startup in Tehran, shared his spiritual journey from one religion to another faith, seeing how religions were abused for personal agenda, until he claimed that he only believed in HUMANITY. We shared about how looking outward – to other humans and societies – are more meaningful than worrying about heaven and hell. He is now saving half of his income to build his vision: a society where children are not afraid to be themselves.

I guess this will be another spiritual journey. I hope.

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