The best place to fall in love is wherever you go traveling

Couple in Hyde Park, Sydney

A dear friend of mine told me to go traveling and fall in love. Later, I found her suggestion was logically appropriate, if not correct. You see, for something highly emotional, like falling in love, I found the logical explanation when I was in Luang Prabang, Laos and Morotai, Indonesia.

Exploring new places and experiences requires a person to leave regularities behind, to have an open mind, and to prepare for surprises. That is similar to falling in love. The fact is, one falls in love with a new person more intensely than when one does with the same person. That is because, with a new person, there is a sense of exploration, there are lots of questions waiting to be answered, and the race to finding out each other. Now imagine when two strangers met while traveling to a new place and fall in love.

I know, the intensity doubles!

Both will not only explore each other, but also explore each other outside daily (and boring) context. Sure, it would either make or break. When it breaks, you will have to quickly continue with the trip and hopefully meet another person. But when it makes, the world would suddenly turn to differently and beautifully perfect. Just like LSD, if you take double shots, falling in love while traveling will get you double high.

So, singles. Go travel, and fall in love.

Singles only? I firmly say no. I once travelled for two weeks with my (then) boyfriend to unfamiliar places. We wandered. We explored. We made love. We explored the beaches. We explored ourselves in those beaches. We had fight, but then again being not at home required us to quickly settle our fight. We made long sessions of love. But the tiny window of travel left the pleasures suspended, and to be continued at home. We met people asking about us that later strengthened out affirmations of love. We met people who did not understand us and forced us to re-question what we believe was true about ourselves. In two weeks, it was like two years of all ups and downs. We argued, fought and we apologized. We hated each other but then quickly missed being in each other arms. The more we met people, the more we wanted to meet each other in the night.

So, couples. Go travel, fall in love. Again.

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