Galeri Foto: Desa Sade, Lombok, 30 Agustus 2008

Sasak girl
A shy Sasak girl grooming her nails
Sasak woman in fron of her house
Waiting for tourists (read: customers) to buy their Ikat
Lumbung-style house
Sasak kid
A Sasak kid selling her souvenirs
Old woman
Going home after washing clothes
Famous ikat Lombok
Specially made for tourists?
Sasak women skillfully weave threads to produce ikat
Old woman
A humble old woman selling her wooden necklace
A Sasak woman shelters under the straw roof
Thatched roofs
Rows of thatched straw roofs
Buffalo heads
Hung in front of the house. To keep away bad spirits?
Sasak girl
Traditional toy
This wooden instrument produces frog sound
Ready for sale
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