New Year Comes Earlier in Postpone Island

New Year Comes Earlier at Postpone Island
New Year Comes Earlier at Postpone Island
What’s with this island that I made my visit for the third time?
Well folks, going to this slightly-developed island just north-west of Banten province are always fuss-free. The boat patiently sits on the pier and waits for us. The atmosphere is continuously relaxed that staying and waking up late is commonly accepted lifestyle. The foods, especially from the sea, are always nice. The locals, with big smiles and loads of curiosity, are always helpful and friendly. And most of all, it’s only a stone-throw away from the pier to find the reefs.
This is a dive-cum-snorkel-cum-laid-back trip with minimum preparations. I also bought fireworks and dreamt to watch them in wide angle view, free from obstacles like trees or buildings. It would also a pay-back when I forgot my Olympus E-410 and missed taking pictures of the fireworks last September.
The snorkeling was good as always. The diving, though, turned out not as I expected. I, for the very first time, experienced what divers called down-current. Somehow, I didn’t realize it. What I knew was I kicked very hard but, instead of forward, I moved downward. I wasn’t too disappointed because, strangely, it wasn’t too important to have a good dive in this trip.
The evening was surprisingly beautiful. With no stars, the moon – supposedly the fullest one I’ve ever seen – was the only illuminating object in the sky. What’s more, we had a non-proportionally gigantic halo surrounded the moon. Reflection of both objects on the surface of the adjacent water lit the entire pier that no lights were needed.
Lying on the coarse sand beach by the pier, we watched this nature’s phenomenon in silent. Until we finally realized that we had fireworks to set, two bottles of wine and a deck of playing cards to spend the night with. Our ritual followed afterwards: taking pictures. The pier. The fireworks. And of course, us.
The morning after, we realized that pictures of the fireworks turned out to be amazing. The palm tree-like light formations burst vividly in the ink-black night-sky. Silhouettes of us under the haloed moon were not less breathtaking. Evidently, without trumpets and confetti, New Year comes early this year…

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